• General medical practice
    General medical practice

    Everyone deserves the conscientious care of a general practitioner.

    We are a private practice with a team of doctors led by Dr. Youngová. Our mission is to provide the best possible quality of care to all our patients, whether they subscribe to the Care+ package or not.

    Come and see for youself - register with us and come to our practice at the Dejvická metro station in Prague 6.

Change in opening hours

On January 31st we are open only until 4pm.

Thank you for your understanding.


Quarantine (contact) lasts for 5 days

  • follows high-risk contact with a COVID-19 positive person (until January 17th it does not apply for fully vaccinated people and people who had COVID in the past 6 months, providing they are asymptomatic)
  • the extent of the risk is evaluated by the Hygiene Office
  • sick leave has to be issued by the Hygiene Office not by a GP

Isolation (symptoms, pos. PCR) lasts for 5 days

  • follows a positive PCR test
  • can be discontinued after minimum of 5 days, providing the patient has been asymptomatic for the last 2 days, if the symptoms persist the isolation is prolonged
  • no PCR test is required to end the isolation
  • day following the day of PCR testing counts as the first day, day of testing is considered "day zero"


Starting from January 17th a POSITIVE ANTIGEN TEST DONE AT WORKPLACE is followed by QUARANTINE for 5 days

  • the employee does not have to undergo a confirmatory PCR test; if they does and the test returns a negative result, the quarantine is discontinued, if the test returns a positive result it is followed by isolation for 5 days
  • the quarantine is ordered by the Hygiene Office, sick leave has to be issued by the Hygiene Office as well
  • it is not possible to obtain an official COVID certificate based on a positive antigen test result, the certificate can only be obtained based on a positive PCR test


After the end of the 5 day-long isolation or quarantine it is recommended to wear face mask even to places where it is not compulsory.

The changes apply only for isolations and quarantines started from January 11th 2022 and are not retroactive.

Vaccination against COVID

Dear patients,

we are currently vaccinating against COVID using Spikevax (Moderna) and Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccines.

You can get your first, second as well as a booster (third) dose.

If you are interested in getting vaccinated, please book your appointment via our patient app Emmy (new appointment slots are added continuously, we still have free slots for both types of the vaccine this week).

No more email - from now on please use Emmy

Dear patients,

From Wednesday 13 October 2021 we will no longer be using email as our main form of electronic communication with you.

Instead, we will be using "virtual nurse" Emmy. This system enables you to send your request to us at the practice securely, conveniently and without charge, in a form that helps us deal with it as fast as possible.

So please sign up for Emmy here, and give it a try!

Providing you aren't suffering a medical emergency, you can also use Emmy to contact us instead of using the telephone. In this way you can save lots of time and effort both for yourself and for us, and the phone line remains free for those who really need it - for medical emergencies and for the small group of patients for whom Emmy is not a realistic option.

(We do apologise that the Emmy website is only in Czech. But the patient app is available in English too, and we have translated all our clinical content into English as well.)

We will deal with patient requests sent via Emmy promptly. We will no longer be able to respond to email messages from patients.

If you have signed up for our on-line appointment system OASYS and need to make an appointment to see a doctor, please for the time being continue to book through oasys.young.co.cz - Emmy so far offers online appointments only for blood tests and for the vaccinations against the flu and COVID.

Please continue to make an appointment for every contact with the practice! Our no walk-ins policy is permanent.

Thank you and stay well!

Dr. Adriana Youngová

Important info regarding appointments

Please continue to make appointments in advance for all your visits to the practice! Our no walk-in policy represents a permanent change, we're not going back to how things were before covid.

It means you don't have to wait to see the doctor as before in a crowded waiting room, which minimizes the risk of infection from other patients. And the doctor can better focus on each patient in the time allocated.


Information for new patients

We accept patients from all public health insurance companies. You can submit your request to register with us here. The waiting time for an initial appointment is currently around 5 months, so please be prepared for a wait. 

In addition to standard health care covered by public heath insurance we also offer a package of additional services Care+ to all our patients.

Subscribers to the package are enabled to book their appointments online for free even outside our regular hours, communicate with the practice via e-mails and voice messages as well as request a telephone consultation where the doctor calls them back.

Learn more about the package.

Care plus logo

Our general practice in Prague 6

We are a private practice providing primary healthcare. Our well-qualified team of doctors and nurses will welcome you in our practice well located at the Dejvická metro.

To make any time spent waiting more pleasant and effective, we provide a kids corner and free wifi. To save your time we offer you the ability to book your appointment with preferred doctor at selected time as well as opening hours from morning to evening. You can also book your appointment online.

We offer our services and consultations in Czech and English.

The surgery is a teaching practice for the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague and you may therefore meet students during your consultations here. You are however under no obligation to enable their presence, should you not wish to.

Opening hours


Acute patients – with a prior appointment! - Patients with appointments - Patients with Care+ appointments

+420 222 366 166
Vítězné nám. 829/10, Praha 6

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