• General medical practice
    General medical practice

    Everyone deserves the conscientious care of a general practitioner.

    We are a private practice with a team of doctors led by Dr. Youngová. Our mission is to provide the best possible quality of care to all our patients, whether they subscribe to the Care+ package or not.

    Come and see for youself - register with us and come to our practice at the Dejvická metro station in Prague 6.

Vaccination by general practitioners begins at last (for the time being only for patients over 70 years of age)

Dear patients,

at last it looks like vaccination by GPs is going to happen and we should start vaccinating in the first half of March 2021. For the time being, we will be vaccinating only with the AstraZeneca vaccine.

We have to register patients who are interested in being vaccinated and aged 70 and over. We do not have permission to vaccinate other age groups yet.

If you are over 70 years of age and interested in getting the vaccine and have not received an application form from us by e-mail, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

We will enter patients interested in getting the vaccine at our practice in the central register and, based on this information, we will receive vaccines. We will get a maximum of 100 vaccines in one delivery, so that there are enough for all GPs, and then more vaccines in the next round. Therefore your appointment to be vaccinated may not be in the same week that we register your interest. We will contact you regarding your appointment to get vaccinated.

Please be patient, because it's all quite complicated.

We will vaccinate patients over 70 years who suffered from covid in the last 3 months later, but you can enroll now.

We would also like to emphasize that the AstraZeneca vaccine is of high quality, proven and protects patients from serious illness, hospitalisation and death. Do not hesitate and get vaccinated.

Please ignore this information if you have already been vaccinated or enrolled in the central reservation system.

Information for new patients

We accept patients from all the public health insurance companies. You can sumbit your request to register with us here. The waiting time for an initial appointment is currently 3-4 months, so please be prepared for a wait. 

In addition to standard health care covered by public heath insurance we also offer a package of additional services Care+ to all our patients.

Subscribers to the package are enabled to book their appointments online for free even outside our regular hours, communicate with the practice via e-mails and voice messages as well as request a telephone consultation where the doctor calls them back.

Learn more about the package.

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Our general practice in Prague 6

We are a private practice providing primary healthcare. Our well-qualified team of doctors and nurses will welcome you in our practice well located at the Dejvická metro.

To make any time spent waiting more pleasant and effective, we provide a kids corner and free wifi. To save your time we offer you the ability to book your appointment with preferred doctor at selected time as well as opening hours from morning to evening. You can also book your appointment online for small fee.

We offer our services and consultations in Czech and English.

The surgery is a teaching practice for the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague and you may therefore meet students during your consultations here. You are however under no obligation to enable their presence, should you not wish to.

Opening hours


Acute patients – with a prior appointment! - Patients with appointments - Patients with Care+ appointments

+420 222 366 166
Vítězné nám. 829/10, Praha 6

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