Additional services

From 1st May 2018 we have introduced a fee of CZK 1,500 per year for the following package of services to registered patients, additional to those covered by public health insurance:

  • the ability to request a telephone consultation where the doctor calls you back,
  • appointments outside of regular hours (during selected afternoon and evening hours),
  • communication with the practice via e-mails and voice messages,
  • online appointments for free,
  • electronic request for repeat prescriptions, and
  • application of any number of vaccines during the year.

Students, people of retirement age and persons with third degree disability (or holders of ZTP/P card) will be eligible for a discounted price of CZK 750 per year. Please note that these charges include a 25% premium for those services provided in the English language to help in covering the very real additional costs that these services entail. You can find the detailed conditions governing the package here.

These services (except for vaccination) will not be available other than to patients who purchase this package. In connection with the new option to request a call back, there will no longer be regular times reserved for telephone consultations with a doctor.

The revenue generated by the package will help us to maintain and improve the quality of our care.

If you are interested in becoming a Subscriber to the package, please let us know that in person at our practice, by telephone (222 366 166) or by e-mail on address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Q: Will it still be possible to communicate with my doctor in English even if I do not purchase the additional services?

A: We very much hope that the revenue from these new charges will be sufficient and we will not be forced to introduce a charge for communication in English.

We have recently received advice that we would be legally able to do so, but this is a step that we are reluctant to take. Please note that the package does not include written outputs in English (we maintain all our medical records in Czech, in line with guidance from the Czech Medical Chamber).

Q: Do I understand correctly that this is an optional service for patients who choose to pay for it, and those patients who do not can continue with the standard service covered by public health insurance?

A: Yes, your understanding is correct.

Q: What will happen if I do not purchase the package of additional services?

A: You will still be able to schedule your appointment over the phone as well as use other services that are covered by your public health insurance (just as for other general practices in the Czech Republic).

However, if you do not wish to pay for the additional package, you will not be able to use the following services: the ability to request that a doctor call you back, improved access to appointments (outside of the hours contracted with the public health insurance companies), e-mail and voice message communication with the practice.

Q: If I purchase this package, will you guarantee me a same day or at least a next day appointment with the doctor in case of an acute problem?

A: Unfortunately, we do not plan to provide this guarantee at the moment, but those who purchase the package will have access to appointments at a wider range of times.

Q: I have opted out of the extra services, how does that affect making appointments in the future?

A: If you make your appointment online using OASYS, you will be charged 30 CZK for booking an appointment within our regular opening hours (the hours contracted with the public health insurance companies). Of course you can still make these appointments over the phone or in person for free.
Booking an appointment outside of regular hours (during selected afternoon and evening hours) attracts a charge of 300 CZK.

Q: Will there still be time reserved for consultations by telephone for free?

A: You will still be able to communicate with your doctor over the phone. However, it will likely take longer to get through.

You may need to make multiple calls, (as is the case in most medical facilities in this country), since we do not generally connect calls to doctors who are with a patient.

We are no longer be operating specific times reserved for telephone consultations.

Q: I often communicate with my doctors at the practice by email. I also receive the results of blood tests by email. Without payment of the extra fee, will this be curtailed?

A: Yes, that is correct, we will not be communicating by email with patients who do not purchase the package of additional services.

Q: Many of my visits to the practice are just for repeat prescriptions.

Do the advantages I get with paying the new fee mean I will be able to get these without visiting the practice?

A: That is correct, you will be able to use electronic request form for repeat prescriptions for no additional charge.

Please note, however, that the issuing of a prescription without a visit in person is always assessed by a doctor. Patients have no automatic right to the issue of a repeat prescription.

Q: Will it still be possible to come to your practice without an appointment in the morning hours in case of an acute problem?

A: Yes, you will still be able to come during the morning “walk in” hours without an appointment. This service is covered by your public health insurance.

Q: How do I pay the charge? Will I have to pay it on my next visit to the practice?

A: Payment in person is of course one option and has the added advantage that at the same time you can sign our new GDPR-compliant consent form. You can also request to pay by bank transfer, in which case we will send you a proforma invoice and you can sign the new consent upon your next visit.

We are also planning to introduce the option to pay on-line, which will be especially useful for patients wishing to purchase only the two-week long programme.

Q: I wish to cease using the services of young+co. How should I proceed?

A: All you need to do is to register with a new doctor.

He or she will request an extract from your medical records from us and your registration with us will cease.


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