From Monday May 18th, our operations at the practice will be further expanded. Please read on to see what this means for you.

We will often have two doctors working in parallel so that you do not have to wait longer than necessary for treatment in person in the practice. So it is essential that you come only with an appointment – even in the morning you cannot come without one. To make this easier, our online appointment system is free of charge. Otherwise there is a risk that we will have to lock the waiting room to limit the number of people there simultaneously, which we would not want at all.

If you have a health problem that needs attention, please make an appointment as follows:

  • Urgent appointments are usually only available until 10 am, though on some days they are available until 12 noon. They are primarily for patients with symptoms that may be potentially infectious or require immediate attention.
  • Standard appointments are for patients with symptoms that do not pose any risk in terms of infectious transmission.

If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, ie. fever, cough, diarrhoea, shortness of breath, loss of smell or taste, please call or book an online consultation. Do not go to the practice in person or make an appointment to come in person without prior consultation with a doctor!

From Monday, we are also reopening the room where we take blood samples. Here again you need an appointment and we recommend that you make this online. Please be aware that you cannot book to have a blood sample taken without a doctor’s referral!

The receptionist will return to the practice in person, but not at the reception – if you need anything, please stand in front of the screen at the reception and the receptionist will initially communicate with you via video connection.

We strongly prefer payment by card. If you do not have a payment card, we accept cash (we no longer issue invoices in payment for services provided in person).

We want the practice to be a safe place for patients and staff:

  • That's why our new whole room disinfection system is already in place. It’s similar to the system commonly used in hospitals and other facilities where disinfection is key. It works by nebulizing a disinfectant solution, which settles on all surfaces in the room and acts for a number of days.
  • When arriving at the practice, please always use the hand disinfection available at the reception.

Twice a week, at the end of our opening hours, we will be testing patients for antibodies to coronavirus. These capillary (pinprick) blood rapid tests are mandatory at the end of quarantine. You can also be tested at your own request (this examination costs CZK 800). If you are interested, please write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you very much for your patience and for following all the rules, to make life easier for all of us!