David Dobiáš worked for more than 12 years at the psychiatric clinic of General University Hospital in Prague as a physiotherapist and ergotherapist. This provided rich experience in dealing with a wide range of psychosomatic disorders and their expression in the body. He specialised in massage and individual exercising and came to master an empathic approach to soft techniques for manipulative therapy of the cervical spine, thoracic and lumbar spine, ribs, sacro-illiac joint, tailbone (coccyx), hips, knees etc.

David uses the techniques developed by the Prague myoskeletal school and complements these with the Feldenkrais principle of awareness through movement. As part of his therapy he offers kinesiological analysis, instruction and education in improving patterns of movement, in principles for a healthy back and ergonomics of the working environment.

He also works privately as a physio/ergotherapist for old and disabled people.

David sees clients by appointment only on weekday afternoons and evenings and on Saturdays, please call 736 602 775 if you wish to make an appointment.