We provide the checkups required by the First Medical Faculty of Charles University. We offer two services:

  • Full checkup – this is required prior to enrolment at the beginning of the second year of your studies and consists of a full physical examination and medical history, prescribed laboratory tests and a chest X-ray.

    Cost: 750 CZK for a consultation with one of our doctors
    + cost of lab tests (1600 – 1800 CZK in total)
    + cost of radiological examination (X-ray, normally 400 – 1000 CZK depending on the service provider).

    You can bring your own X-ray provided it meets the requirements set by the Faculty, i.e. is not more than two years old.
    Please note that we only accept X-rays with an accompanying description by a radiologist in English, Czech or Slovak (we are not equipped to interpret X-rays ourselves). If you require an X-ray examination, we provide you with a doctor’s note but the service (and payment for it) is provided elsewhere (there is a radiology practice in the same building).

  • Confirmation of an effective level of antibodies against hepatitis B (based on a blood test)

    Cost: 300 CZK + cost of lab test (around 400 CZK).

These services are provided only for students who book using our "virtual nurse" Emmy. Please do not come in person without an appointment, we will not be able to help you!

Please note that you cannot unfortunately claim any part of these costs from Czech public or private health insurance.

Please also note that we do not provide tuberculin tests, for these you are advised to contact the polyclinic at Spálená 12, Prague 1, tel. 222 924 212.

Please take care to come on time for your appointments, otherwise we may have to ask you to come again.

How to make an appointment:

Please first set up an account in virtual nurse Emmy.

Then, in Emmy please select the “Checkups for students of the First Medical Faculty of Charles University” request (to be found under category of the same name or simply by choosing from the drop-down list).

After you have sent us your request we will process it within 1-2 working days and one of our nurses will contact you either over the phone (if you have a Czech phone number) or via Emmy to arrange your check up.