We ask patients who are interested in registering with us first to create an account using our online appointment system (alternatively you can fill in a form in person at the practice). When you reach the top of the waiting list, we will send you an invitation to book your initial examination and you will also be able to choose your preferred doctor and time of appointment online. The waiting time for an initial appointment is currently around 5 months, so please be prepared for a wait.

In case an error message appears when you are trying to submit the form to create your account, you can send us a screenshot of the page with the data you used (health insurance number, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail address) clearly visible to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Using this information we can normally resolve the issue easily.

If it appears that the form has not been submitted (but no error message was displayed), please try to repeat the process in about an hour.

Creating an account in the OASYS appointment system is not the same as registering with us. You become our registered patient only after you undergo the initial examination (performed by one of our doctors) and after signing a registration form.