Most of the healthcare that we provide is funded by public health insurance and is free at the point of delivery. This applies to patients with Czech health insurance and with European health insurance cards (EHIC), the latter within the limitations of the EHIC scheme.

Our charges distinguish three categories of patient:

  • registered patients,
  • non-registered patients with Czech health insurance and
  • non-registered fee-paying or EHIC patients.

Registered patients are those who have undergone a complete initial examination and for whom we therefore have a medical history. With this information we can provide better care than in the case of one-off, ad hoc consultations and are also able to provide various confirmations required by Czech law (for employment, driving licenses etc.) without having to undertake a complete examination every time. For this reason registered patients enjoy the best prices for our services as well as the ability to make appointments.

For those without Czech public health insurance, our basic prices are:

  • 2000 CZK for a complete initial examination (this is not covered by EHIC insurance), and
  • 600 CZK for a 20-minute consultation in relation to a specific problem (free for EHIC card holders).

For all patients we charge 300 CZK per 10 minutes of doctor’s time responding to administrative requests.

To download our full price list in .pdf format, including the price of vaccinations, please click here.