Care+ means additional services for your comfort

Our package of additional services Care+ offers you comfort and convenience when booking an appointment and communicating with your doctor. These services are additional to those covered by public health insurance.

Care+ enables you to:

  • book appointments outside of regular hours (during selected afternoon and evening hours) – green blocks in our time schedule,

  • book appointments for telephone and video calls at an agreed time
  • use the priority telephone number and email address for Care+ clients

  • request a telephone consultation where the doctor calls you back

  • communicate with the doctor by e-mail and voice messages (answering machine)

  • make an electronic request for repeat prescriptions, and

  • be sent a referral for incontinence aids (or for other medical products you use on a regular basis) by post for free

  • be sent an extract from medical records electronically, and

  • to receive application of any number of vaccines during the year

The standard annual subscription to Care+ costs 1500 CZK.

Students, people of retirement age and persons with third degree disability (or holders of ZTP/P card) are eligible for a discounted price of CZK 750 per year. Please note that these charges include a 25% premium for those services provided in the English language to help in covering the very real additional costs that these services entail.

You can find the detailed conditions governing the package here.

If you are interested in subscribing to the package, please let us know in person at the practice, by telephone (222 366 166) or via our patient’s app

We provide the same quality of healthcare to patients, who do not subscribe to the Care+ package.

You do not need to subscribe to the package to receive the same quality of healthcare at our practice. We simply cannot offer the convenience provided by the services listed above, since these are not covered by your health insurance. We cannot forward emails or calls to your doctor while they are seeing other patients.

Some of the Care+ services are also available for a once off extra fee, notably an appointment outside of regular hours costs 300 CZK.