Our online appointments system OASYS (see below) is available to our registered patients.


Please note that even as an existing patient you must first set up an account to use the system via the link above (i.e. you cannot log in without setting up an account for the service first).

If despite our best efforts you encounter any errors or other difficulties, we would be most grateful for your feedback. Please email with full details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

From 1st April 2014 we apply the following conditions to all appointments.

If you arrive late, or do not show up at all, or cancel your appointment later than 24 hours before it is due, you will no longer be eligible to make appointments by telephone or over the internet, but only in person at the practice.

After you have made an appointment in person, your ability to make appointments normally by internet and telephone will be reinstated.

In order not to forget your appointments, we suggest that you set up an account with our internet booking system OASYS (see below), which sends reminders for appointments automatically by text message.

We have been forced to adopt this policy because of the abuse of our appointment system by some patients.

Thank you for your understanding.


To use OASYS you need to have a Czech mobile phone number, an email address, and access to the internet.

OASYS enables you to:

  • Book appointments online
  • Change and cancel appointments online - regardless of whether they were created online or not
  • Get offers of earlier appointments, if you wish (you click on a link or reply to a text message if you wish to take up the offer)
  • Get reminders for appointments by text message (and email, if you wish)
  • Cancel your appointment at the last minute by responding to the reminder
  • Get reminders when you are due for a preventive checkup or for a booster vaccination
  • Manage your personal details (address, phone number etc.) online, including setting up a new account if you are not yet our patient

If you cannot or do not wish to use this system, you can of course call the surgery in our working hours on (+420) 222 366 166. We do not make appointments by email.

The standard length of a full initial check-up (e.g. when you register with us) is 45 minutes. In the first 15 minutes the nurse will attend to you, and the doctor in the following 30 minutes.

The standard length of other consultations is 10 minutes (or 20 minutes for fee-paying patients), with longer consultations possible where indicated.

For appointments with David Dobiáš (physiotherapy), please call 736 602 775.

For appointments with Dr. Zuzana Lebedová (psychotherapy), please call 606 444 106 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Expectations in the Czech health system

Please note that the average general practitioner in Prague sees approximately 26 patients per day, or one every 13 minutes (the national average is even higher at 35 per day), and this is essential in order to be able to serve a sufficiently large number of patients (the national average is 1620 patients registered per full-time equivalent general practitioner). In order to make it possible for more demanding cases to be given the necessary doctor time, this means that routine consultations really must fit into a 10 minute appointment, or even less. If you wish to have more time you have the option to be seen as a fee-paying patient - please do not expect the doctor to be able to see you for 20 minutes or more with routine ailments such as a sore throat.

Another way to look at this issue is via the payments we receive for providing care under the public health insurance system. The average patient in Prague sees his or her general practitioner four times per year, and we are paid a standing charge for registered patients of around 700 Kč per year (the precise amount depends on each patient's age and public insurance company) - making an average basic fee per consultation of 175 CZK (about €7). Our basic revenue per consultation for non-registered but publicly-insured patients is very much the same. Please therefore be aware that you cannot expect to receive the same length of appointment under the public health insurance system as you can as a private patient paying twice as much as we receive from the public health insurance system!