MUDr. Youngová & spol., s.r.o.
is listed in the companies' register at the Town Court in Prague, Section C, entry number 165343
Identification number (IČ): 24676772, official electronic postbox 4gcq2qi

Vítězné náměstí 829/10,160 00 Prague 6

tel.: +420 222 366 166

patient app:

Sometimes we need to contact our patients by telephone.  Until now the cost of calling mobile phones has prevented us from calling except in urgent cases. With the advent of unlimited mobile tariffs in the Czech Republic we are now able to call unconstrained by cost. So from July 2013, when we call, you will normally see "Private number" or similar, not the number of the surgery. This is because we wish to keep the personal mobile phone numbers of our staff confidential.