Dana Graichmanová graduated from the Royal Vinohrady Medical Faculty of Charles University in 1995. She went on to gain clinical practice at the hospital in Svitavy, where she worked as a general physician (internist). She worked here until 2004 and gained experience both on the general ward and in intensive care. She also provided consultative services for other departments, notably in pre-operative examinations and in post-operative care, and also provided outpatient cardiological and diabetological care.

In 2000 she received her post-graduate qualification as a general physician (physician of internal medicine). She went on to specialise in care of the elderly (geriatrics). In 2004 she began work at Motol Hospital in Prague, where she continued to develop this specialism, and in 2010 received a post-graduate qualification in geriatrics. She is a member of the Czech Geriatric and Gerontological Society of J. E. Purkyně.

She continues her professional development by participating in seminars on general medicine and geriatrics and also a course on palliative care. She is currently preparing to qualify additionally as a general practitioner. She holds a certificate of lifelong learning from the Czech Medical Chamber.

Dr. Graichmanová is not registering new patients at present.