How "earlier appointments" work

For some, but not all, appointments, we offer the option "Please contact me if an earlier appointment becomes available." If you select this option, we may contact you to offer an earlier appointment if a suitable time slot becomes available in the next 24 hours.

You will receive a text message and an email, if you have chosen the option to communicate also by email. This message contains details of your original appointment and of the new one. Please note that if you made your original appointment using the option "all doctors" you may receive last-minute offers to any doctor; if you make your appointment by choosing to see a particular doctor, you will receive last-minute offers only to see that particular doctor.


If the new time does not suit you, you can just ignore our message. If you want to accept our offer, you can either click on the link in the email or answer "YES" to the text message. If we do not hear from you within about 10 minutes, we will offer the appointment to someone else and the first person to respond positively gets the appointment.

Please wait to receive confirmation that the new appointment has been accepted before changing your diary - it may be that someone else replies sooner than you and beats you it. In this case you will also receive a message to let you know that the change has not happened.