We accept patients covered by all the Czech public health insurance companies. If for any reason your insurance is temporarily invalid, you must pay as if you were uninsured and we will refund you the relevant costs promptly once your insurance is valid again - for more details please click here.

For those with private medical insurance, we are happy to meet the requirements of your insurer for documentation of your examinations and treatment, though we charge for any additional doctor's time required for this administration at the rate of 500 CZK per 10 minutes (i.e. you must first pay cash and then recover these costs from your insurer).

At this time we have no contracts for direct remuneration from private insurers.  Please note that this applies also to private medical insurance provided in compliance with Czech legislation in force from 1.1.2011, requiring foreigners seeking certain visas to purchase comprehensive cover (with companies such as Pojišťovna VZP, a.s., AXA - Inter Partner Assistance, MAXIMA, SLAVIA or UNIQA).  Such insurance is provided on a purely commercial basis and should not be confused with the cover provided by the public health insurance companies (such as VZP ČR).  If you have such cover and wish to make use of it, you should either contact your insurer and ask to be directed to a different healthcare provider that has a contract with it, or check whether your insurance provides for reimbursement of the costs of care that you have incurred at non-contractual healthcare providers (such as us).

Please also note that our physiotherapy and psychotherapy services are not covered by Czech public health insurance - for more details see our price list.