Michaela Michálková Veselá graduated from the First Medical Faculty of Charles University in 1996. In 1999 she qualified in anaesthesiology and resuscitation and in 2010 in anaesthesiology and intensive medicine. She has worked at the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM), the Military University Hospital Prague (ÚVN), General University Hospital (VFN) in Prague and also worked for the ambulance service.

From 2013 she has been working at Bulovka hospital. Michaela Michálková also acquired international experiences during her four year stay at the NHS Antrim Area Hospital in the UK between 2005–2009. In October 2018 she qualified fully as a general practitioner.

Her professional interests in relation to hospital care include difficult airway management, fibrobronchoscopy, lung diseases within the field of anaesthesia and perioperative care, as well as ultrasonographic techniques and their use in local anaesthesia and emergency medicine. She regularly lectures on these topics at accredited seminars and workshops in the fields of anaesthesiology and intensive care.

She joined our team in January 2017.

Dr. Michálková Veselá is not registering new patients at present.